Q: How does it work ?

A: You go for your eye test at any opticians and afterwards you ask for your prescription. Then you call Spex Appeal, we arrange an appointment that’s convenient for you and you choose your frames & lenses in the comfort of your own home or workplace at massively discounted prices.


Q: Where is your shop ?

A: We are a fully mobile dispensing service. We keep prices to a minimum by not having premises. No premises = no overheads = no unnecessary expense for you. 


Q: Do you do prescription sunglasses ?

A: Yes, we have a wide range of sunglasses to suit all budgets most of which can have prescription lenses fitted. 


Q: How soon can I get an appointment ?

A: If your eyes have been tested within the last 2 years and you have a copy of your prescription we can usually arrange to see you within 48 hours of you contacting us. 


Q: Do you accept NHS vouchers ?

A: We do accept NHS vouchers which will cover the full amount of your glasses including varifocals. 


Q: I usually get my lenses thinned down, can you do this too ?

A: We offer exactly the same products & quality as our overpriced High St competitors (just not at their prices).